Stretcher Types Explained

There are a host of stretcher designs which can be particularly created for sure conditions and environments. In a great international the proper stretcher for the proper reason could be to be had but this isn’t usually the case. So which can be the maximum flexible stretchers and which can not be finished with out in positive situations?

Probably the maximum versatile and frequently utilised stretcher is the pole stretcher that changed into developed from the first Furley stretchers that have been commissioned by the St John’s Ambulance Brigade at the flip of the closing century.

Pole Stretchers
Their simple production, which include two poles and a canvas guide has altered little over the years. The maximum updated pole stretchers are made from hardwearing aluminium tubing and strong synthetic fabric supports. These are the backbone of rescue and emergency occasions, regularly deployed in disaster zones when such things as terrifying earthquakes or damaging tsunami strike. They are powerful in fast clearing the scene of casualties, are easy to save and large numbers can be transported in a extraordinarily small space. They are likely the very best manner to start evacuation strategies and administering a lot needed rapid relief to the injured.

Basket stretchers
The extra modern-day basket stretcher, which first got here on to the rescue scene within the 1970’s, as it have become less complicated to bend and weld the aluminium tubing were lighter than the metal constructions previously available on the market. These are the maximum broadly used specialist stretcher as their layout makes securing the affected person and minimising motion or stress simpler.

The basket stretcher may be found in a wonderful range of conditions and is generally seen at wearing occasions, swinging under rescue helicopters and swiftly deployed at the battlefield. They have shaped the idea for lots diversifications and have evolved to encompass collapsible versions and ones designed for hoisting patients or recovering them from harsh climatic conditions which include snow rescue by attaching ski runners.

Neil Robertson stretchers
The Neil Robertson stretcher came as a design development for retrieving casualties from on board ships. Here elevating them from the bowels of a ship, via slim get right of entry to shafts, turned into not possible and the Neil Rob proved a a hit answer that is nevertheless utilised via ships for the duration of the arena. Its use is also realistic in any confined space where vertical lifting is in all likelihood including caving incidents or mining accidents. The cocoon like nature of the stretcher makes it much less annoying when rescuers are seeking to transport a victim through slender passageways and closed areas.

These 3 are likely the backbone of stretcher design and lots of current thinking and layout is primarily based around unique elements of their construction. While evacuation chair, motorised stretchers and floating litters are best at some point of some rescues you will always be capable of retrieve an injured man or woman on the 3 simple buildings of the pole stretcher, basket or the Neil Robertson.

Alex first were given worried in stretcher designs at university and has when you consider that then helped increase versatile evac chairs.